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The CyberQInterface is a python library for communicating with the BBQ Guru CyberQ Wi-fi temperature control system. This system provides accurate monitoring of both Pit and Food temperature and tight control of the Pit temperature.

Table of Contents


I wrote the CyberQInterface because I love to barbeque. I grew up near Memphis, Tn which is the home of some darn fine BBQ. The preferred style of BBQ made in my homeland is pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and a thin, pepper hot sauce. Pulled Pork is generally made with hickory smoke.

I have been in Texas (another area with a strong BBQ heritage) since 1999 and given that beef smoked with mesquite is the local style I learned a lot about the ‘smoking’ process.

I have gone through many grills and smokers over the years. In 2010 I purchased one of the most popular cooking systems on the market. I invested in a Large Big Green Egg. This is not the place to expound on the qualities of the grill/smoker, but I must admit that having the ‘Egg’ has made me a better cook and I could not be happier.

One of the best things about the Egg is the consistency of temperature once the Egg is in the correct configuation for a particular temperature. That coupled with the large fuel capacity means that you can cook items for 18 or more hours without touching the smoker.

However, given the amount of time it takes to smoke a brisket, the food temperature does require a bit of monitoring. The mechanical temperature guage on my BGE failed and the actual pit temperature was approximately 50 degrees warmer than indicated. Needless to say, by the time I had figured out the problem my wife had grown tired of making ‘expensive’ beef jerky.

She encouraged me to purchase the CyberQ Wifi from BBQ Guru. The CyberQ includes a web service interface which not only allows reading data from the temperature control, but the ability to change settings via the web service. Ultimately, I wrote this library to make that communication process easier and to be able to trigger events programmatically.


You can install the library via easy_install. The command should look like:

sudo pip install CyberQInterface

Source is also available on github.

To install from source, clone the code from github and then execute the installer:

git clone git://
cd CyberQInterface
sudo python install

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